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Weekend Advice: Tips by CurvyWomenLover

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CWLtwitter Weekend Advice: Tips by CurvyWomenLoverAs we get into this Independence Day weekend, I thought we could have a little more model/fan information and take a break from the marketing advice that I post during the week.

I met CWL on Twitter (@CWLcentral) a few weeks ago, and really liked how he was posting various tips and advice both for models as well as fans on how to interact with each other. So often, I hear so many complaints from models about how “fans” treat them on social networks – and I’ve had my fair share as well. CWL’s information comes from a guy’s point of view, so it’s short, sweet and makes perfect sense. As he puts it, “I am the Original C.W.L. (Curvy Women Lover), trying to establish a new name for men who prefer curvy girls and help out the guys who lack social skills.” Although his preference is for thicker ladies, I think the advice applies for all adult industry fans:

Filigree Weekend Advice: Tips by CurvyWomenLover


I decided to make this list after hearing horror stories from models telling me what kind of non sense they get from guys wanting to hook up. Hopefully this list will help some guys and therefor the models won’t have to deal with such non sense. – CWL

Top 10 Tips for succesful interraction with Web Models
(not in a specific order)

  • Tip 1 : Models won’t date a fan, they’ll date a man.
    • Never use the word fan when refering to yourself – she already has a bunch of fans and that won’t make you stand out.
  • Tip 2 : Don’t give your cell number in the first message.
    • Desperation = LAME
    • Seriously guys, come on!
  • Tip 3 : Be respectful and don’t treat her like a fantasy or object.
    • She’s real with real emotions.
    • This seems very obvious for many, but it’s still a common mistake.
  • Tip 4 : Giving too many compliments is like digging your own grave.csgtitle 300x300 Weekend Advice: Tips by CurvyWomenLover
    • Too much is, well, too much.
    • Be nice, but don’t seemed obsessed.
  • Tip 5 : Don’t send a cock pic.
    • Models get a bunch of them and will most likely get you on the ignore list.
  • Tip 6 : Don’t ask for free pics or videos.
    • Makes you look broke and no girls want to date a broke guy.
  • Tip 7 : Don’t ask her what her measurements are or bra size right away.
    • Would you ask a girl in a club that? Get to know her first.
    • Also seems obvious but this is a big rookie mistake.
    • You have you have to ease your way into this one.
  • Tip 8 : Patience.. don’t go all out at once.
    • You’ll look desperate and scare her off.
    • This one pretty much applies to all the other tips.
    • Don’t rush anything!
  • Tip 9 : Being overly sexual off the bat is the biggest source of failure.
    • Let her intiniate the intimacy in a conversation.
    • Might never get there, but patience is the key once again.
  • Tip 10 : Don’t expect to get laid, it will most likely not happen.
    • You have to be realistic, buddy!

Filigree Weekend Advice: Tips by CurvyWomenLover

It’s not that adult performers don’t want to be chatted up. It’s not that we’re bitchy on a regular basis either. It’s just that we’re entertainers with a high sex drive – but we’re still entertainers. Talking to us as if we were streetwalkers won’t get you anywhere, unfortunately, except an invitation to a webcam or membership site – basically, treat us like whores, and you’ll get treated like a john (LOL).

There are a few people (non-industry) that I have met on Twitter that I do hang out with – and they’re not all women. If you’re respectful, polite, act like a gentleman and don’t try to get into my pants, then the likelihood that I’ll be comfortable enough to hang out with you will go up. If on the other hand, you make things pretty clear that all you’re interested in is a little free pornstar booty – well, you know what’ll happen. I won’t feel safe enough to hang out with you, and I’ll just ask you to view my videos instead.

If you’d like to chat with CWL about his advice or anything else, you can find him here:


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  1. JM Black says:

    Sounds like great advice for getting along with people in general. (What? Porn stars are people, too?) I’m always amazed when I read accounts of the outlandish things people say, type, and do when they’re online. Just gotta shake my head and wonder where their minds are.

    Anyway, great tips. Looking forward to your next post.


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