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“Heritage” Marketing

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In an industry that focuses on the younger, 18-25 demographic, it’s always important to remember that everyone gets older, but libido, sexuality and sensuality doesn’t stop at 25; not by any means! Use your heritage – whether you’re a performer or a novelty company or any other adult industry entity – to cater to the people that prefer something/someone they know and trust, and I’m sure you’ll find that you’re not quite as “disposable” as the industry might make you think or feel.

The mainstream marketplace, where we have traditionally been banned from advertising, is now open due to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – if it’s done right.

Since children’s use of social media network sites are continuing to increase and the adult industry continues to lead in the use of technology, it is important for ASACP to consistently update its Best Practices.

Assumptions about “The Industry”

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Recently, I was asked to be part of a piece in mainstream media about “The Industry” to comment on the “true” face of an industry that has way too many assumptions made of it by the civilian public.

SMM Mentioned in XBIZ Online

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Kelly Shibari of HourGlass8.com has been at the forefront of designing adult marketing strategies for social networking sites, says XBIZ.

It’s not that adult performers don’t want to be chatted up. It’s not that we’re bitchy on a regular basis either. It’s just that we’re entertainers with a high sex drive – but we’re still entertainers.

There’s actually some good information here (basically, stop Tweeting about yourself and start being more interested in other things and other people), but it’s in picture form…isn’t your brain tired right now from the loooooong week anyway? Enjoy…

Signal to Noise Ratio

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What are some key things to keep in mind so that your time spent on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/YouTube/etc doesn’t feel wasted?

Social Media and Google Rankings

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However, Social Media can also affect Google rankings, because one of the other factors that Google uses in its algorithm is pretty obvious – popularity and demand.

Social Media ROI

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Sometimes, it’s just easier to take a well-produced video that’s full of good facts and figures, put to a good tune, to entertain as well as educate.




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